deScussing deGrom

“Hitters don’t hit his fastball.” In his brief outing in the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, that was all the announcers could talk about. The velocity, the extension, the rising effect. Back then, deGrom was only averaging 95.7 mph. Harold Reynolds put it well as he witnessed deGrom K’ing the side on 10 pitches: “That’s why... Continue Reading →

Opening Day Eye-Poppers

Opening Day is baseball fan’s Christmas. Anything is possible. You get the first glimpse at teams and players not knowing what lies ahead. For at least one day a year, every team can trick themselves into thinking they are championship contenders. It is tempting to jump on early season stats as indicators. In DJ Lemahieu’s... Continue Reading →

Best and Worst World Series’ Winners

What does best and worst mean? For this project, we're just going to look at three defining factors; Batting Average, Earned Run Average, and Adjusted Run Differential (during the regular season.) We will be looking at the World Series winners between the years 1969, (The year the pitcher's mound was dropped five inches and the... Continue Reading →

X Pitch Pitchers

In last year’s spring training, Trevor Bauer made headlines by telling the batter what was coming. As is typical in bullpen sessions, he communicated through glove motions in what is essentially a universal language in baseball. He did manage to record an out, but needless to say such an experiment would be silly in the... Continue Reading →

Introducing the 2021 Spring Interns

After a couple of weeks sorting through applicants and going through the interview process, we are excited to announce the 2021 spring interns! Content Interns Anthony Franco (Twitter: @affranco10) Anthony Franco gave up his dream of being an MLB player when he went hitless all season his final year of youth baseball. A Cubs fan growing... Continue Reading →

Velocity Density Plots and Smoothing

At the bottom of Yu Darvish’s baseball savant page is a wavy mess. Distributions of different colors bobbing up and down indicating the speed uncertainty batters face when stepping in the box against one of the best pitchers in the MLB. It may not be the most practically helpful to a pitcher, but it was... Continue Reading →

The Underrated Benefit of Long Toss

I have always loved long toss. As someone who has always struggled with command, the ability to just launch the ball was liberating. As it became an everyday habit, my velocity began to climb. Training everything to fire in-sync, full speed certainly aids the body’s ability to do so on the mound, but it may... Continue Reading →

Marginal Benefit In The Offseason

The Padres are maniacs and I absolutely love it. Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Dinelson Lamet, Chris Paddack… it is like they have gone wild on The Show’s franchise mode. How they managed these blockbusters without dealing their top prospects is worth its own conversation, but today I want to discuss the idea of marginal benefit.... Continue Reading →

How Pitcher Quality Impacts xwOBA

Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) is widely considered one of the top metrics to approximate overall batting ability. wOBA is made by calculating how each hit outcome (singles, doubles, etc.) impact how many runs a team will score. Weights are then applied to each outcome similarly, but more accurately, than slugging percentage does. When it... Continue Reading →

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