Is Hawk-Eye Inflating Extensions?

Along with all the madness going on in the 2020 MLB season, another change has been the use of a different ball tracking system. The Hawk-Eye system is debuting this season as the replacement for the Trackman system. Comparing the data of 2020 with the past, there appears to be inconsistency between the two systems.... Continue Reading →

A Brief Dive Into Expected Outcome Statistics

As baseball has eased its way back into our lives, it’s around the time that writers and fans release bold predictions about the Major League Baseball season. While that isn’t the point of this article, I will share one player I believe is due for positive regression, one I believe is due for negative regression,... Continue Reading →

Introducing Ayush Arora: Our Newest R&D Intern

Ayush has recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He is planning on pursuing his Master's Degree in Computer Science this upcoming fall at UC Irvine. He is passionate about using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in a data-driven manner. Baseball started out as a hobby... Continue Reading →

Opening Day

Professional sports have been in a pandemic-induced coma for months, but Opening Day has finally arrived. The New York Yankees and Washington Nationals will face off first at 7pm eastern standard time (EST). That game will be followed by the next installment of the Giants-Dodgers rivalry at 10pm EST. Hope springs eternal as the Nationals... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Deception

In 2008, the Oakland Athletics called up rookie reliever Brad Ziegler. Despite a fastball averaging 85 miles per hour, he found great success in the major leagues. After setting a record with 39 consecutive scoreless innings to start his career, Ziegler finished his 11 years with a 2.75 ERA. How he achieved such success despite... Continue Reading →

The Chances of a .400 Hitter in 2020

In 1994, Tony Gwynn led the major leagues with a .394 batting average - the closest mark to .400 since Ted Williams. It was an incredible season, but there is a minor asterisk attached: he only had 419 at bats. Thanks to a strike shortened season, Gwynn never got a chance to sneak his batting... Continue Reading →

Quantifying Command – Part Two: Edge Percentage

Series Introduction: With the modern wave of information, every facet of a pitcher’s game can be quantified now better than ever. ‘Command’ - or the ability to locate a pitch - has remained elusive in being properly encapsulated. The goal of this series is to better analyze players’ command solely through the use of statcast... Continue Reading →

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