deScussing deGrom

“Hitters don’t hit his fastball.” In his brief outing in the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, that was all the announcers could talk about. The velocity, the extension, the rising effect. Back then, deGrom was only averaging 95.7 mph. Harold Reynolds put it well as he witnessed deGrom K’ing the side on 10 pitches: “That’s why... Continue Reading →

What Actually Contributes to BABIP?

In the field of statistics, we use the the law of large numbers to explain that as the sample size of something increases, the average of that sample will fall closer to the mean of the population as a whole. The proof of this law has existed since the publishing of the book Ars Conjectandi... Continue Reading →

D1 Rerun April 1-4

We had MLB and college baseball on Thursday last week due to Easter weekend, so we have a lot to to get caught up on. Let's hop right in! Mississippi State bounced back from getting swept last weekend with a sweep of their own over Kentucky. These four straight Curveballs from Christian MacLeod are just... Continue Reading →

Opening Day Eye-Poppers

Opening Day is baseball fan’s Christmas. Anything is possible. You get the first glimpse at teams and players not knowing what lies ahead. For at least one day a year, every team can trick themselves into thinking they are championship contenders. It is tempting to jump on early season stats as indicators. In DJ Lemahieu’s... Continue Reading →

Brewers Focused On Improving Defense

The Milwaukee Brewers had an offseason that many throughout the game probably just glossed over, looking at teams like the San Diego Padres, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays as teams that made the types of improvements that'll vault them into a new tier. What if I told you that the Brewers actually had... Continue Reading →

D1 Rerun March 26-28

It was a weekend of sweeps in the SEC as Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Arkansas all take 3 games from their conference opponents. That doesn't mean there wasn't drama though because it was a wild weekend in Knoxville, and the D1 Rerun is here to cover it all! Evan Russell brought the thunder for... Continue Reading →

Best and Worst World Series’ Winners

What does best and worst mean? For this project, we're just going to look at three defining factors; Batting Average, Earned Run Average, and Adjusted Run Differential (during the regular season.) We will be looking at the World Series winners between the years 1969, (The year the pitcher's mound was dropped five inches and the... Continue Reading →

Video Game Numbers in College Baseball

120 strikeouts in only 60 1/3 innings pitched while allowing just 4 runs and 21 hits!!! No this is not my created player on MLB the Show, this is the combined stat line for 5 Division 1 College Pitchers.  Landon Sims, Carson Palmquist, Joseph Menefee, McCade Brown, and Tanner Riley have begun the 2021 college... Continue Reading →

College Baseball Early-Season Notables

We're through the first month of the Division I college baseball season. Slow starters still have the opportunity to right the ship, while those outperforming expectations have to prove they can sustain that production long-term. Nothing is yet set in stone. Still, we now have a few weeks of data to supplement our preseason expectations;... Continue Reading →

D1 Rerun March 12-14

It was a wild weekend of college baseball and the D1 Rerun is here to help sum it all up. Let's go! This was the most entertaining series of the weekend as LSU gets the sweep of UTSA, but it did not come easily, it took a couple of wild extra inning comebacks to get... Continue Reading →

The ACC’s Under-The-Radar Ace

There haven't been many college pitchers more productive than Mitch Myers in the season's early going. The University of Pittsburgh's Friday night starter, Myers, has struck out 26 hitters with just four walks over his first three starts. Combined with his strong work before the 2020 season shut down, the junior right-hander has tossed 40... Continue Reading →

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