BCTips: Strike Zone Visual

BaseballCloud's platform is changing the way players and coaches analyze and learn from both practice and game data. BCTips blogs will highlight the functionality of different features and explore the various ways they can be used for player development. When you log into a player's profile on BaseballCloud, you will find that it is broken... Continue Reading →

Texas Leaguers & xwOBA

A ‘Texas Leaguer’, also known as a ‘blooper’ or ‘flare’, refers to a softly hit ball that falls between the infielder and outfielder. The term’s origins trace back to 1901 when rookie Ollie Pickering was called up from the Texas League and got four hits of the sort. It is regarded as a lucky, undeserving... Continue Reading →

Introducing the BaseballCloud R&D Interns

This summer BaseballCloud has the privilege to work with a few very talented R&D interns that will focus on different fields in baseball analytics and player development. We look forward to working with this group of young men as they look to further their careers in baseball, as well as help grow the BaseballCloud brand.... Continue Reading →

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