BallR Lite Launch

Understanding the spin of a baseball can be difficult. There are multiple ways to go about it and overlapping terminology in an already niche topic. As if that were not enough, the phenomenon of ‘seam-shifted wakes’ has necessitated the inclusion of further specifying seam orientation. This corner of the baseball world is confusing, but BaseballCloud... Continue Reading →

Quantifying Command – Part One: Walk Rate

Series Introduction: With the modern wave of information, every facet of a pitcher’s game can be quantified now better than ever. ‘Command’ - or the ability to locate a pitch - has remained elusive in being properly encapsulated. The goal of this series is to better analyze players’ command solely through the use of statcast... Continue Reading →

Highlighting BCTeam Draftees : Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider was selected by the Atlanta Braves with the 126th overall pick of the 2020 MLB Draft. Strider was impressive in both the bullpen and rotation during his career at Clemson University, and it's easy to see why the Braves made the choice despite the hard-throwing righty missing all of 2019 after undergoing Tommy... Continue Reading →

Highlighting BCTeam Draftees: Cole Henry

During this year's shortened MLB Draft we had the privilege of watching players get drafted out of dozens of BCTeam college programs. This week we will be doing a mini blog series highlighting some of these draft picks and looking at the stats and metrics that make them so special. Introduction Cole Henry was selected... Continue Reading →

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