Meet College Baseball’s Shohei Ohtani: Jac Caglianone

University of Florida sophomore Jac Caglianone has taken the college baseball world by storm. After a freshman season that saw Caglianone slash .288/.339/.548 and achieve selections to the SEC All-Tournament Team and the NCAA Gainesville Regional All-Tournament Team, he was poised for another strong campaign. To say he has delivered would be an understatement. So... Continue Reading →

New Yakkertech Tagging Interface

Exciting times here at Yakkertech as we began to roll out our updated tagging interface last week to some of our schools! This blog will highlight some of the changes that have been made, as well as, some additional updates on the horizon. User Interface Update The biggest change you will notice is that we... Continue Reading →

We’re Hiring: Marketing Manager

We are in the middle of some exciting times here at BaseballCloud and are looking to expand our roster! One of the positions we are looking to fill is a Marketing Manager. This person will be responsible for leading, creating, and promoting creative content in a collaborative role with the management team for our three... Continue Reading →

We’re Hiring: Digital Designer

We are in the middle of some exciting times here at BaseballCloud and are looking to expand our roster! One of the positions we are looking to fill is a Digital Designer. This person will be responsible for the design of the digital website and digital marketing assets, email and promotional materials, and social media... Continue Reading →

Believe the Breakout? (Pitcher Edition)

Primer: I started working on this prior to the All-Star break, so this post is long overdue. I still firmly believe in these breakouts and their abilities in the future, regardless of any mid-summer struggles. With that being said, I now present Believe Breakout: Pitcher Edition. This mini series will feature three pitchers and three... Continue Reading →

Avoid the Dead Zone: An Extensive Analysis of the Relationship between Fastball Stuff Characteristics and Utility through Four Logistic Regression Models

Introduction The term “stuff” has frequented the art of pitching for decades. In the ball-flight tracking era, stuff has transformed from an optical observation to a quantifiable science. We’ve all seen the electric Jacob deGrom fastball and the air-bending Devin Williams changeup; perhaps we don’t need advanced programming languages to tell us that those are... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Pitch Outcomes Tab

Today we launched one of the best BCTeam updates to date. This new pitcher profile tab, Pitch Outcomes, combines features previously found in the Pitch Arsenal and Plate Discipline sections. We realized that so much of the information from these two pages overlap with and relate to each other that we needed to combine them... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Batted Ball Tab

Today, an update was pushed to the Batted Ball tab of hitter and pitcher profiles on BCTeam that provides a revamped way of analyzing a batted ball profile. This update includes added summary tables, additional visual options, and even a brand new tool. When landing on the page it initially looks similar, but as you... Continue Reading →

On the Detroit Tigers Ugly First Half

For the first time in a while, the Detroit Tigers entered the 2022 MLB season with expectations. After an abysmal 9-24 start to the 2021 MLB season, the Detroit Tigers saw a resurgence under first year manager A.J. Hinch and finished 68-61 to end the season with a much more respectable overall record of 77-85.... Continue Reading →

Analytical Scouting – Finding the Balance

Everyone is aware of the rise of analytics across all industries, whether healthcare, business, education, or sports. The application of analytics has drastically affected evaluation and decision-making processes within organizations and individuals, leading to innovative growth and achievement. Predictive analytics has allowed for higher success in asset acquisition and completely changed decision-making science. However, as... Continue Reading →

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