BCTeam Update: Umpire Analysis

Our most popular feature on BCTeam has gotten a makeover before the start of the season! This update includes new visuals, added summary tables, and more filter options on the Umpire Analysis tab of game summaries. We all love to give umpires a hard time, well now we are making it easier to analyze how they performed for a given game. Also, this is an excuse to use one of the greatest gifs of all time in a blog about an update to one of our products.

The first new visual highlights the edge of the strike zone and how the umpire performed on “50/50” calls. By highlighting the edge of the zone it shows if pitchers were executing their pitches where they wanted and if they were getting the calls that they needed when attacking hitters. The second visual update is an added heatmap to show areas where the umpire called the majority of his strikes. Was he consistently giving a ball off the plate outside? Was he refusing to call a high strike? This visual will help show exactly how the umpire controlled the game from behind the plate. 

We added three new summary tables in this update to show how umpires performed when making calls on pitches located on the edge of the strike zone, in the zone, and out of the zone. Our goal was to provide insight on the type of zone the umpire had for the given game and in which areas he most frequently missed calls. We also broke the summary tables up by the pitch groups Fastballs, Breaking, and Offspeed to further show umpire tendencies throughout the game based on different pitch types.

The final part of this update is the addition of the filter options Pitch Type, Pitcher Team, Count, and Inning. This allows you to find the matchup or sequence you were looking for in the game and if the calls were made correctly or not. 

We have a few more updates coming before the start of the season, and multiple additions to our platform that will be added during the season as well. We can’t wait for Opening Day and couldn’t be more excited about the 2022 season!  

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