New Yakkertech Tagging Interface

Exciting times here at Yakkertech as we began to roll out our updated tagging interface last week to some of our schools! This blog will highlight some of the changes that have been made, as well as, some additional updates on the horizon. User Interface Update The biggest change you will notice is that we... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Pitch Outcomes Tab

Today we launched one of the best BCTeam updates to date. This new pitcher profile tab, Pitch Outcomes, combines features previously found in the Pitch Arsenal and Plate Discipline sections. We realized that so much of the information from these two pages overlap with and relate to each other that we needed to combine them... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Batted Ball Tab

Today, an update was pushed to the Batted Ball tab of hitter and pitcher profiles on BCTeam that provides a revamped way of analyzing a batted ball profile. This update includes added summary tables, additional visual options, and even a brand new tool. When landing on the page it initially looks similar, but as you... Continue Reading →

Update: Catcher Integration

Up until this point, BCTeam has focused solely on hitter and pitcher metrics. Everything from providing insights about how a pitcher utilizes his arsenal and where hitters make hard contact in the zone. It was time to show some love for the hardest working guys on the field and the leaders of their team's pitching... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Heat Maps Tab

A new tab has been added to player profiles on BCTeam! This new tab features 21 different Heat Maps for both pitcher and hitter profiles and all of them are from Pitcher View. We expanded on our current Heat Map dropdown options located on the Batted Ball tab of player profiles and realized the value... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: PitchR Showcasing

An exciting update has been made to BCTeam this week and that is the integration of our 3D product, PitchR. As you remember, a couple of months ago we made our first 3D integration into BCTeam with the BallR Showcasing update. This allowed users to hover over certain pitches in visuals and bring up the... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Umpire Analysis

Our most popular feature on BCTeam has gotten a makeover before the start of the season! This update includes new visuals, added summary tables, and more filter options on the Umpire Analysis tab of game summaries. We all love to give umpires a hard time, well now we are making it easier to analyze how they... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Point of Contact

We have been cranking out updates to our products in preparation for the 2022 season! This is an update made to hitter profiles on BCTeam with a brand new tab, Point of Contact. It focuses on where a hitter is making contact in relation to home plate and is an ode to our good friend... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: BallR Showcasing

This is a feature we have been working on for a while and are extremely excited about. It is the first time we have integrated two products (BCTeam and BallR) together so that they “communicate” with each other. BallR and BCTeam are each very valuable tools to use on their own, but bringing the BallR... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: New Filters

It's the day before Thanksgiving and we wanted to roll out an update on BCTeam that has been needed for a while now. We figured this would be a perfect time as the fall season comes to a close and people might be looking for a way to get a break from their family for... Continue Reading →

BCTeam Update: Scrimmage Summaries

This morning we pushed an update to BCTeam which includes a makeover of Scrimmage Summaries. This concludes Phase 2 of our 4 phases of scheduled updates to BCTeam this fall. Still to come are Player Profile updates and Umpire Analysis updates. Let's get into what is new with Scrimmage Summaries! First off is a new... Continue Reading →

BCTips: Welcome to the New BCTeam

We are excited to announce the launch of our new BaseballCloud platform! It has been months in the making and has taken hundreds of hours of testing to make sure everything runs smoothly as we migrate over all of our teams' accounts, and onboard new teams. BC users will now be able to access all... Continue Reading →

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