BCTeam Update: PitchR Showcasing

An exciting update has been made to BCTeam this week and that is the integration of our 3D product, PitchR. As you remember, a couple of months ago we made our first 3D integration into BCTeam with the BallR Showcasing update. This allowed users to hover over certain pitches in visuals and bring up the BallR release image of that pitch. This helps pitchers understand how they are manipulating tilt and spin for their different pitch types and in different parts of the zone.

With this PitchR Showcasing update, users will now be able to toggle between 2D and 3D strike zones, spray charts, and release point visuals to get a better understanding of the trajectory of pitches and a hitter’s batted ball profile. Each visual will have various camera angles to choose from, or you can click and drag to get a custom view, as well as zoom in and out.

This visual will bring in the 30 most recent pitches and allow users to scroll back and see all of the pitches that they need. The filters on the player profile will update the visuals as well allowing coaches to see all of a pitcher’s breaking ball swings and misses or fastballs that were hard hit.

For hitters, they will be able to bring up 3D spray charts to show what areas of the field they have the most hard-hit line drives or struggle to get the ball off of the ground.

This is the first iteration of this integration and we already have numerous ideas for updates to make in the near future. As always, we would love to hear feedback from our coaches on how they would benefit the most from this feature and all other features of our products.

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