BCTeam Update: Batted Ball Tab

Today, an update was pushed to the Batted Ball tab of hitter and pitcher profiles on BCTeam that provides a revamped way of analyzing a batted ball profile. This update includes added summary tables, additional visual options, and even a brand new tool.

Baseball Cloud, Yakkertech, Batted Ball

When landing on the page it initially looks similar, but as you scroll down you will notice an updated Batted Ball summary table with new metrics like Hard Hit LA (average launch of “Hard Hit” balls) and GB/FB ratio. 

Baseball Cloud, Yakkertech, Batted Ball

Farther down the page there are plenty of new visuals including Play Result, Exit Velocity, and Contact Type spray charts; as well as, Heat Maps with 13 dropdown options with metrics like Swing %, Hard Hit %, and Damage %. 

Baseball Cloud, Yakkertech, Batted Ball

To limit clicking and allow coaches and players more time to analyze performance we combined some aspects from the Point of Contact tab of hitter profiles into this new Batted Ball tab. The Point of Contact strike zone visuals provides great context of where a hitter is making contact in relation to home plate and where he is doing most of his damage or getting beat by certain pitches.

Baseball Cloud, Yakkertech, Batted Ball

The final chart at the bottom is a new feature that helps contextualize batted balls effectively by bucketing outcomes like Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, and Launch Direction. This allows coaches and players to see the direction and exit angle that they hit the majority of their hard-hit balls.

Throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall we have huge plans for our entire product suite, including launching new products so that we can continue to offer the best player development, scouting, and video tools. 

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