BCTeam Update: Heat Maps Tab

A new tab has been added to player profiles on BCTeam! This new tab features 21 different Heat Maps for both pitcher and hitter profiles and all of them are from Pitcher View.

We expanded on our current Heat Map dropdown options located on the Batted Ball tab of player profiles and realized the value of having multiple different Heat Maps available side-by-side all on one page for easier analysis. This page will feature all of the same filter options so that coaches can see which pitches play best in different parts of the zone and if movement profiles change at all in different parts of the zone.

Hitters will also be able to see what pitches they are swinging at the most and if they are having success in these different areas. This allows hitters to refine their approach and make better swing decisions at the plate based on their strengths.

As always, we would love to hear feedback on this update and all of our recent updates so that we can continue to build a platform that makes the player development process more efficient. Below are some links to some of the other recent updates that we have made to BCTeam.

PitchR Showcasing

Umpire Analysis

Point of Contact

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