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BaseballCloud’s platform is changing the way players and coaches analyze and learn from both practice and game data. BCTips blogs will highlight the functionality of different features and explore the various ways they can be used for player development.

When you log into a player’s profile on BaseballCloud, you will find that it is broken down into several tabs.

For pitchers:

  • Pitch Arsenal
  • Batted Ball
  • Plate Discipline
  • Break and Movement
  • Release Point
  • Plan

For hitters:

  • Batted Ball
  • Plate Discipline
  • Pre-Contact
  • Plan

This post will go over a key component of nearly all of these pages.

Strike Zone Plot

The Strike Zone plot, sometimes referred to as just ‘Zone’ or ‘K-Zone’, simply shows the locations of every pitch thrown in a session or group of sessions from the pitcher’s perspective. The video below will show how you can select and deselect pitch types, and hover over pitches to dive deeper into the metrics and results of each offering.

Strike Zone Pitch Selection and Tooltips

Not only is the strike zone plot interactive, it also acts as an advanced filter for the rest of the page. Users can use BC’s built-in zone filters or drag custom sections of the zone to find out how their pitches are playing in different areas. The following video will show both of these functions in action on the ‘Pitch Arsenal’ tab of a pitcher’s profile. Notice the ‘Exit Velocity Against’ changes that immediately appear after changing from the ‘Heart’ of the zone to the ‘Shadow’ section of the zone.

Strike Zone Filters

The Strike Zone visual on BaseballCloud can provide huge amounts of insight for pitchers and hitters. Here are a few questions to explore using this feature and all of its capabilities.

For pitchers:

  • Do I get better results up or down in the zone with my 4-seam fastball?
  • Am I locating my offspeed pitches where I need to be?
  • What is my HardHit% against when I throw my fastball in on lefties?
  • How often am I inducing out-of-zone swings?

For hitters:

  • Where in the strike zone do I hit balls the hardest?
  • Where in the zone do I swing and miss most frequently?
  • How are opposing pitchers trying to attack me over the course of the season? Hard in/soft away? Fastballs up?

The list goes on and on! Check back soon for a look at more present and future BaseballCloud tools in our next BCTips post.

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