Giancarlo Stanton Hits Massive Dingers

Tyler Glasnow is a damn good starting pitcher. Glasnow's always had that label. His talents were plenty evident during his time in the Pirates' farm system, but once Tampa Bay worked their magic on the tall righty, he turned into the second coming of Jacob deGrom. He's one head of the Rays' Cerberus of starting... Continue Reading →

Devin Williams Is Here To Strike You Out

I like Devin Williams. Devin Williams does not like opposing batters. There are plenty of monikers that can apply to Williams. Jake Mailhot of Fangraphs dubbed him a Unicorn. He's no Aang, but PitchingNinja's nickname of Airbender fits him pretty well. Me? I call him a mystery. A puzzler that Fenton Hardy can't even solve.... Continue Reading →

What Makes An Ace: Snakes Edition

Last offseason, Tom Tango and the geniuses over Baseball Savant created Statcast Swing Take, a metric that computes a player's production by analyzing his contributions in different zones of the plate. This metric helps determine how much value a player contributes to his team's offense by swinging or taking at a certain pitch. Simply put,... Continue Reading →

Eric Hosmer, The New Launch Angle King

The launch angle revolution is the anti-thesis to Eric Hosmer’s existence. From 2011 to 2019, Eric Hosmer hit a lot of ground-balls. That's not exactly what you want to see from a first baseman playing on a contending team. As baseball has embraced the launch angle revolution, Hosmer shifted towards a ground-ball heavy approach. Playing... Continue Reading →

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