Seattle Mariners Offseason Review

The Seattle Mariners surprised many during the 2021 season, finishing with a 90-72 record and only 2 games out of the American League Wild Card. While the -51 run differential might cause some to question the legitimacy of last season's success, the organization made it clear they meant business moving forward by their activity this... Continue Reading →

Is Stealing Signs Necessary?

While baseball has always been a game of numbers, the increase in large datasets and the availability of these datasets over recent years has greatly facilitated the ability of both public analysts and teams to draw conclusions and insights into the game that they previously would not have been able to.   As the data has... Continue Reading →

Pitch Sequencing

Over the course of his career, Patrick Corbin has developed one of the best arsenals in the league. He has a decent curveball and changeup, good two-seam and four-seam fastballs, and one of the best sliders in the game. Combine that with a slightly deceptive delivery and elite command and you get his toolbox –... Continue Reading →

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