Final Pitches 344 Days into the Past

Division 1 Baseball finally started up again after almost a year break, with the last game being on March 12, 2020. This post will show the last pitch thrown over some of the D1 Conferences. The 4 main Conferences that BaseballCloud has pitch data from last year were: The ACC, Pac-12, SEC, and Sunbelt. For... Continue Reading →

First Pitch 12.7.20

One of our former R&D interns, Jonah Simon, has been hired to analyst position for the Detroit Tigers! This week's newsletter also covers some of BallR's key visual features.

First Pitch 11.30.20

This week's Inside Pitch covers the SportTechie article that we were featured in over the summer; as well as, a peek at a couple visuals from our custom templates from our soon-to-be-released product, AnalyzR.

First Pitch 11.23.20

This week's Inside Pitch covers an article written by Lauren Timmerman of Fox Business that we were featured in over the summer. It also highlights a few of our popular blogs from the past week!

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