Inside Pitch 11.23.20

This week's Inside Pitch covers an article written by Lauren Timmerman of Fox Business that we were featured in over the summer. It also highlights a few of our popular blogs from the past week!

How Pitcher Quality Impacts xwOBA

Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) is widely considered one of the top metrics to approximate overall batting ability. wOBA is made by calculating how each hit outcome (singles, doubles, etc.) impact how many runs a team will score. Weights are then applied to each outcome similarly, but more accurately, than slugging percentage does. When it... Continue Reading →

The Rays Are Built Different

I like the Rays. They've been the inspiration behind a couple of my pieces, whether that be about Tyler Glasnow allowing a 458 foot homer or how to evaluate relievers' salaries. Every move the Rays make contrasts traditional baseball decision-making. Baseball goes left; the Rays opt for the right path (literally and figuratively). Baseball spends... Continue Reading →

Adam Kolarek’s Surprise Attack

Over his four year career, Adam Kolarek has grown a reputation for being one of the best lefty-killers in the MLB. With a low arm slot and bowling ball sinker, he is a tool perfectly designed for today's specialization and bullpen heavy game.  Against left handed batters, the scouting report is pretty straightforward: A heavy... Continue Reading →

The Abnormality of Tyler Rogers

A lot of being a great pitcher is related to being different or not average, like having a very low or high spin rate on a fastball. That trend is obvious with a certain pitcher; Tyler Rogers of the San Francisco Giants. As many of you know, Rogers is a submarine pitcher and has an... Continue Reading →

What In The World Is A Fake Starter

Game 5 of the 2018 NLCS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers. Both teams were home run fueled and had caught fire in September leading into the playoffs. The Dodgers had future hall of famer Clayton Kershaw slated for the start. The Brewers, a more bullpen heavy team, indicated Wade Miley would... Continue Reading →

Examining 4-Man Outfields

Every year, MLB teams continue to push the limit of what you can do with your defensive alignments. First it was standard infields shifts, and over time those got more and more extreme to the point where you now have players moving after each pitch, and they have been effective enough that the MLB is... Continue Reading →

Were Relievers Worth Their Beans In 2020?

Last offseason, the Braves splurged on their bullpen, spending a combined $57.75 million on Chris Martin, Will Smith, Darren O'Day and Josh Tomlin. Coming into the 2020 season, their bullpen represented approximately a third of the team's overall salary commitments. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals found themselves on the other end of the bullpen spectrum;... Continue Reading →

Changeups: They’re Not That Simple

In 2020, Devin Williams took the league by storm. En route to posting a 0.33 ERA, Williams struck out 53% of batters he faced earning himself a spot in rookie of the year conversations. Fueling his rapid ascent was his screwball-like changeup, but how can we analyze what makes it elite? Plenty has been written... Continue Reading →

Giancarlo Stanton Hits Massive Dingers

Tyler Glasnow is a damn good starting pitcher. Glasnow's always had that label. His talents were plenty evident during his time in the Pirates' farm system, but once Tampa Bay worked their magic on the tall righty, he turned into the second coming of Jacob deGrom. He's one head of the Rays' Cerberus of starting... Continue Reading →

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