What is BaseballCloud?

BaseballCloud allows players from all over the country to consolidate data from their performance in one centralized location. This allows players, coaches, and scouts to efficiently track, compare, and view the players’ results.

How do I get my data captured?

There is a multitude of ways that players can have their data captured for BaseballCloud. A player can take part in a session at one of BaseballCloud’s facility partners, be a player for one of our BCTeam members, or take part in one of the many travel ball tournaments or collegiate leagues that we have machines set up at. Contact us for more info.

How long after my data is captured will I be able to view it on my profile?

For players at one of our partner facilities, players can have their coaches upload the data as soon as their session is over. For our collegiate and tournament partners, the data will be available to view on the BaseballCloud platform within 24 hours of the end of the game.

My data hasn’t been uploaded to my account, what do I do?

If you have any issues regarding your account, data, etc., please email us at info@baseballcloud.com and our team will look in to resolving your issue immediately.

Is there any fee associated with signing up for BaseballCloud?

BaseballCloud is completely free to sign up and a summary of your data is free to view on your profile as well. Users can choose to subscribe for a monthly fee, giving them full access to their data and our wealth of analysis that comes with it.

Who can view my data?

Anyone who is registered for BaseballCloud can view your summary data. To see more in-depth analysis, users would have to be paid subscribers. College coaches and MLB scouts also have accounts with BaseballCloud for recruiting and scouting purposes and have the same access as every other user. At a facility, coaches can view players’ data so long as the player is a paid BaseballCloud subscriber.

I’m not familiar with the metrics used on BaseballCloud. Where can I find more info about them and what they mean?

For explanation of the terms used on BaseballCloud, please visit our glossary page.

I’ve already had data captured at a BaseballCloud event or facility. How do I view this data?

Create an account on our registration page. Send us an email letting us know the player’s name and the email account which need to be connected, and we’ll make sure that your data shows up properly.

Is BaseballCloud only available to people using Trackman or FlightScope machines?

Currently, we are only able to digest data from Trackman and FlightScope. However, we will plans be introducing many more data-capturing companies as partners in the near future. Stay tuned to us here and on social media for more developments!


How does the facility manager role work?

Facility managers are owners and instructors working out of hitting/pitching facilities across the country, so long as they have access to a FlightScope machine. They are able to upload their players’ data directly to the BaseballCloud database, get immediate feedback from a hitting or pitching session, and track their players’ progress over time. For more information, contact us at info@baseballcloud.com

Who can use the BaseballCloud Team platform?

Any high school or collegiate team that has access to a FlightScope or Trackman machine. We currently have Division I college teams, JUCOs, and high schools all using the BCTeam platform.

Who has access to the data on the BaseballCloud Team platform?

Our Team accounts are the only people who are able to view their data. They do have the option to share this information with MLB organizations, but that is at the sole discretion of our BCTeam users on a case-by-case basis.

How do I sign up for a BCTeam account?

Contact us to discuss setting up an account.

What is the External Uploader?

The External Uploader is a feature that is exclusively available to our facility manager users. This gives them the ability to upload their players’ data minutes after wrapping up a session.

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