D1 Rerun March 12-14

It was a wild weekend of college baseball and the D1 Rerun is here to help sum it all up. Let's go! This was the most entertaining series of the weekend as LSU gets the sweep of UTSA, but it did not come easily, it took a couple of wild extra inning comebacks to get... Continue Reading →

The ACC’s Under-The-Radar Ace

There haven't been many college pitchers more productive than Mitch Myers in the season's early going. The University of Pittsburgh's Friday night starter, Myers, has struck out 26 hitters with just four walks over his first three starts. Combined with his strong work before the 2020 season shut down, the junior right-hander has tossed 40... Continue Reading →

Final Pitches 344 Days into the Past

Division 1 Baseball finally started up again after almost a year break, with the last game being on March 12, 2020. This post will show the last pitch thrown over some of the D1 Conferences. The 4 main Conferences that BaseballCloud has pitch data from last year were: The ACC, Pac-12, SEC, and Sunbelt. I... Continue Reading →

BCTips: Heat Map Update on BCTeam

Last night a big update was made to the Batted Ball tab on player profiles for BCTeam! After some time of just showing average exit velocity, we have added six additional dropdown options to the Heat Map visual for both pitchers and hitters. Each of these metrics will be broken down in this blog. Average... Continue Reading →

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