Changeups: They’re Not That Simple

In 2020, Devin Williams took the league by storm. En route to posting a 0.33 ERA, Williams struck out 53% of batters he faced earning himself a spot in rookie of the year conversations. Fueling his rapid ascent was his screwball-like changeup, but how can we analyze what makes it elite? Plenty has been written... Continue Reading →

Why The MVP Won’t Win MVP

Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. He once again put up a ridiculous slashline in 2020 - .281/.390/.603 - although it was somewhat disappointing considering what he has done over the past half decade. He may be high on the list, but it is safe to say he will not defend his American... Continue Reading →

Is Trevor Rosenthal Elite Again?

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, teams are currently scrambling to put the final touches on their teams. World Series hopefuls seek the player that will get them ‘over the top’ while the less fortunate seek prospects to shape their futures. One of the names being tossed around is that of Royals closer, Trevor Rosenthal.... Continue Reading →

Is Hawk-Eye Inflating Extensions?

Along with all the madness going on in the 2020 MLB season, another change has been the use of a different ball tracking system. The Hawk-Eye system is debuting this season as the replacement for the Trackman system. Comparing the data of 2020 with the past, there appears to be inconsistency between the two systems.... Continue Reading →

Opening Day

Professional sports have been in a pandemic-induced coma for months, but Opening Day has finally arrived. The New York Yankees and Washington Nationals will face off first at 7pm eastern standard time (EST). That game will be followed by the next installment of the Giants-Dodgers rivalry at 10pm EST. Hope springs eternal as the Nationals... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Deception

In 2008, the Oakland Athletics called up rookie reliever Brad Ziegler. Despite a fastball averaging 85 miles per hour, he found great success in the major leagues. After setting a record with 39 consecutive scoreless innings to start his career, Ziegler finished his 11 years with a 2.75 ERA. How he achieved such success despite... Continue Reading →

The Chances of a .400 Hitter in 2020

In 1994, Tony Gwynn led the major leagues with a .394 batting average - the closest mark to .400 since Ted Williams. It was an incredible season, but there is a minor asterisk attached: he only had 419 at bats. Thanks to a strike shortened season, Gwynn never got a chance to sneak his batting... Continue Reading →

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