Press Release: BaseballCloud Acquires Super Camera Provider, Aqueti


June 29, 2022

LONGWOOD, Florida – Data analytics and visualization company, BaseballCloud, has acquired multi-array camera imaging system and video platform company, Aqueti Inc. Aqueti was founded by Professor David Brady and Duke University in 2013, and is best known for their patented lens and micro camera modules and proprietary data compression software. The acquisition is the latest of many for BaseballCloud, as they continue to create a universal platform for interactive data, video, and multimedia. Last year, the company acquired Yakkertech Ltd., the largest optical tracking system provider in amateur sports.

With the acquisition, BaseballCloud will incorporate Aqueti’s technology into Yakkertech’s system to enhance data quality, incorporate video, and streamline new media initiatives within the industry. BaseballCloud plans to roll out a new multi-array Yakkertech system, alongside Aqueti’s technology, that will leverage advancements in optical engineering to help ensure data quality, visual acuity, and reduce system costs.

Sean Cashman, President of Yakkertech, highlights what this means for the industry, “Over the last year we have worked extensively with Dave and his team, what his technology can do is going to change the entire data landscape for the broader market.”

Aqueti, led by David Brady, is the leader in array super cameras. Aqueti cameras form images by digitally combining data from an array of micro-cameras. These images become interactive digital streams that their technology allows multiple users to manipulate. Users can control the spatial resolution, field-of-view, and time window to meet their application needs. Aqueti’s premier Mantis camera, a 19-lens camera with processors that combine images into a 100-megapixel frame, allows users to zoom in to reveal extraordinary detail. 

David Brady led the joint Duke University and University of Arizona team that built the world’s first gigapixel camera in 2012. He will be joining the BaseballCloud team, effectively immediately as the CTO. Looking to expand his technology into BaseballCloud’s multimedia platform. Brady notes that “BaseballCloud delivers revolutionary media combining data and visualization. Integrating this platform with YakkerTech’s world-leading data analytics and Aqueti’s gigapixel camera technology will bring physical sports into the metaverse and enable true social media.”

BaseballCloud will also be looking to expand their technology platform beyond sports. Aqueti cameras are used for wide area highway, railway, campus and city security with partners in public safety and security across the globe.

According to Brady, “While networking, computing and storage have improved by orders of magnitude over the past quarter century, folks waiting for clips to download know that video is not much better than it was when “I love Lucy” was broadcast. Content delivery, multimedia visualization and data management from BaseballCloud, AI-forward processing fromYakkerTech and array camera hardware from Aqueti will create unimaginably rich new media.”

In the age of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, BaseballCloud is committed to expanding participation and enjoyment of physical sports. Through these acquisitions, we will empower millions of players to understand, improve and share their game.

Kevin Davidson, CEO of BaseballCloud, echoes Brady’s optimism regarding the fusion of the three companies, stating, “We created BaseballCloud to manage the deluge of data from the modern game, but we quickly found that the quality and quantity of data could not meet demand. With the addition of YakkerTech and Aqueti, we have the unique ability to see and understand everything the game has to offer.”

President of DS Sports Ventures and BaseballCloud Co-Founder, Joe Sleiman, adds, “BaseballCloud empowers the player with information. YakkerTech analytics and Aqueti imagery are part of our unceasing quest to help players, coaches and fans understand themselves, each other and the game. The integration of cloud media, AI-analytics and gigapixel cameras is an example of 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 111. Our integrated platform will be the first end to end system for intelligent ultra-high resolution media.”

Read about BaseballCloud’s acquisition of Yakkertech, Ltd. here.

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