BCTeam Update: Point of Contact

We have been cranking out updates to our products in preparation for the 2022 season! This is an update made to hitter profiles on BCTeam with a brand new tab, Point of Contact. It focuses on where a hitter is making contact in relation to home plate and is an ode to our good friend and brand ambassador, Jonny Gomes, who is a big fan of #PartyOutFront.

The visuals at the top have different dropdown options to color the balls based on different categories like Exit Velocity, Pitch Type, Contact Type, and Play Result. This allows coaches to view the depth of contact for hitters through different lenses, and see where hitters hit the most line drives compared to where a hitter may have his highest exit velocity.

At the bottom of the page are four summary tables: Point of Contact, Pull, Middle, and Oppo. Each of these breaks down different metrics like Average Contact Depth, Damage%, and GB% as a whole for a hitter (Point of Contact table) and then to each part of the field (Pull, Middle, and Oppo).

Right now this feature will be available to users who have Yakkertech, Trackman V3 (sometimes inaccurate), or Hittrax units as they are the devices that currently capture Point of Contact. As the technology keeps improving in our Yakkertech systems we are excited to build upon this update and continue to bring our users the most advanced and user-friendly player development platform.

There are still updates in the chamber waiting to be launched before the start of the 2022 season so stay up-to-date with our Twitter account and the BaseballCloud Blog for new releases!

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