BCTeam Update: New Filters

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and we wanted to roll out an update on BCTeam that has been needed for a while now. We figured this would be a perfect time as the fall season comes to a close and people might be looking for a way to get a break from their family for a little bit. Hopefully, these new filters send you down a rabbit hole to help make your players better while everyone else is taking a nap during the Cowboys game on Thursday.

So what’s the update?

Player Profiles and the Team Summary were in need of a filter upgrade to allow coaches to do more digging on each of their players and recognize where their strengths and weaknesses are quicker and easier. All of the tabs on profiles now have the same filter options which allow you to easily jump from Plate Discipline to Break & Movement to Batted Ball and not worry about there being different filter options to reset.

All of the Pitch Type, Zone, Play Result, and Count (with a newly added 2 strike count option) are still there, but now you will notice there are a multitude of new scroll bar filters at the bottom. These scroll options include velocity, spin, break, release, and spin efficiency. We added all of these options so that coaches can look at their players through the lens of specific metric ranges like seeing which of their hitters handle 15+ induced vert fastballs well, or the slider shape that is most effective for a certain pitcher.

We want to provide the tools necessary for coaches to help develop their players in the most efficient way possible and we believe this update is a small step in the right direction.

Next on the list for BCTeam is a brand new tab for hitter profiles, Point of Contact 👀 . Below is a little teaser of what’s to come.

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