BCTeam Update: Scrimmage Summaries

This morning we pushed an update to BCTeam which includes a makeover of Scrimmage Summaries. This concludes Phase 2 of our 4 phases of scheduled updates to BCTeam this fall. Still to come are Player Profile updates and Umpire Analysis updates. Let’s get into what is new with Scrimmage Summaries!

First off is a new look “Summary” page with added Results and Plate Discipline tables. These tables look at the entire team and how they performed based on a number of metrics, and if they were chasing balls out of the zone or staying disciplined at the plate, and making good swing decisions. We realized our summaries lacked a full team breakdown of how everyone performed for a given scrimmage or live ABs scenario, so we took it upon ourselves to make these updates and provide a more in-depth team analysis.

We focused on providing more information to each player report, but still keeping our user-friendly interface. We did this by adding new Results, Summary, Plate Discipline, and Pitch Characteristics tables to better differentiate each section of the report to analyze how a pitcher performed. We also added some additional dropdown options to the Rolling Chart and a Polar Spin visual to help better understand a pitcher’s movement profile.

We built on our already popular Pitch Sequencing chart and added two similar charts to accompany it by adding a Count Sequencing and a Result Sequencing chart. The first represents what a pitcher threw in different counts including 1st Pitch, Ahead, Behind, Even, and Full counts. The latter represents how a pitcher sequenced his pitches after different results including after a Called Strike, Swinging Strike, Ball, and Foul Ball. Hitters also have these added charts on their individual reports so they can see how opposing pitchers pitched them for the given game. The tooltip when hovering over different regions got an upgrade by now showing average exit velocity, swing and miss %, and chase %.

The final update made was to hitter reports and now have the ability to scroll at-bat by at-bat and see how each hitter was sequenced and the result of each pitch. We realized our hitter summaries needed the biggest update to provide valuable information and we believe the new summary tables, sequencing charts, and at-bats section help tell the whole story of a hitter’s game much more clearly than what we provided before.

Like I said, we still have two more phases of updates rolling out over the next month to BCTeam, and even more in-store now that we have acquired Yakkertech and can control the entire ecosystem of data collection and analysis. Be on the lookout for updates to all of our products over the coming months as we continue to build the most valuable player development platform that amateur baseball has ever seen.

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