BCTips: BCTeam Summary Table and Pitch Log Update

We’ve got a little BCTeam update as teams head in to the final regular season weekend!

For Pitcher Profiles, on the Batted Ball and Plate Discipline summary tables, we have added rows for each individual pitch type to show the calculated metrics for those instead of just the averages of all pitch types. We believe this provides a better breakdown and insight into how effective each pitch for a pitcher is with inducing whiffs, chases, and weak contact.

On the offensive side for hitter profiles, we have made a similar update, but instead of each individual pitch type having a row we have made “Pitch Groups,” which are Fastballs (Fastball, Sinker, Cutter), Breaking (Curveball, Slider), and Offspeed (Changeup, Splitter, Knuckleball). Again, this shows which pitch types a hitter is doing damage on or struggling with.

All of our filters also allow coaches and players to do a deeper dive of these metrics but looking at specific traits of different pitch types and how that effects a player’s production.

Our final update made was to the Pitch Log table on Game Summaries. We have added additional data columns to provide a better picture of the game, as well as, making the column headers and first few rows “frozen” allowing for easy scrolling through every pitch of the game.

Just a few small updates for everyone as the college regular season wraps up, but stay tuned next week as we make a MAJOR announcement that you won’t want to miss!

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