My Friend Logan Made his MLB Debut Last Night

It was pretty cool to see Logan take the mound in his first big league game last night against the Indians, and I know he made his hometown Apopka, FL, and alma mater Stetson University proud. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting at his house crushing Oreo Cakesters and going to All-Star practice where our crazy coach thought that the afternoon Florida thunderstorms only produced “heat lightning” and didn’t listen to the weather horns going off at the complex. Enough of this sappy stuff though, because now I work for a baseball data company so I should probably write about his performance last night.

This was a first for me watching a pitcher I grew up with make their MLB debut so I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous. That first pitch of the game I was a little jumpy and I definitely thought it was a bomb.

Can of corn.

I think he had some adrenaline in that first inning too, pumping eight heaters averaging 96.2mph.

A couple of guys scored, but we’re not gonna talk about that. Let’s jump to his first strikeout on this nasty Slider!

Best guesstimate with BallR.

Logan is a big 6’6″ alien with a way above-average extension. For the most part, you’re going to see him work the top of the zone with his FB as you saw last night. His delivery is extremely deceptive and combine that with a mid-90s FB that has relatively average spin, and you get a true outlier pitch that should get a lot of swings and misses and weak contact.

Last night his Slider seemed to be his out pitch getting all five of his strikeouts on it down and out of the zone.

Overall, it was a fun night watching him compete on the mound in his debut. He ended up throwing 4 innings, with 4ER, 0BB, and 5Ks. Below are some more Savant visuals from his outing that can help show his pitch mix. At some point we will see his Changeup that he has been working on as well.

I couldn’t be more proud of the kid, and as you will hear in the interview below, he is extremely humble and an incredibly hard worker. He will be a role model for kids to look up to and will be striking out hitters for many, many years to come.

Logan Gilbert Talks About His Debut


@BlueJays bring up Forrest Wall please.

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