BCTips: Welcome to the New BCTeam

We are excited to announce the launch of our new BaseballCloud platform! It has been months in the making and has taken hundreds of hours of testing to make sure everything runs smoothly as we migrate over all of our teams’ accounts, and onboard new teams. BC users will now be able to access all of our products in one spot and manage their accounts through their BC portal.

With this new platform comes a new look BCTeam! The player portal got a major facelift compared to the old site and a loading speed upgrade as well (thank goodness). One change made to Game Summaries is the ability to view Home/Away Pitcher Reports for all of the pitchers that threw for that team. For example, with the popularity of the Rays’ bullpen release variance that got a ton of buzz during their World Series run, we have added an “All Pitchers” report for each team in the Game Summary. This allows coaches to evaluate their staff as a whole on a given night and the staff that threw against them. This summary includes a Release Point Chart, Strike Zone, and Pitch Sequencing visual for all of the pitchers together, as well as, rolling velocity chart and summary tables for all the different pitch types.

Other Game Summary functionality still exists like filtering the Pitch Log to go pitch-by-pitch, and quickly sort by different metrics for a given game.

A slight change was made to the player profiles by adding the filter options to the top of the page and loading times sped up when selecting multiple filters. These filters will also remain across the profile when jumping from tab to tab.

Below are some more gifs of the updated site. Now time to add more features in. Email brooks@baseballcloud.com for any suggestions that you would like to see on BCTeam (and we know there are a lot of things to add)!

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