D1 Rerun April 9-11

The weather is warming up and that means the ball is starting to fly and fans are packing stadiums as we are in the midst of conference play for Division 1 baseball. The D1 Rerun is here to recap all the madness that occurred over the weekend!

The Hokies brought their bats to Winston-Salem this weekend as they hit 10 home runs in three games against the Demon Deacons, and completed the three game sweep over their ACC rival on the road.

The dab is, in fact, not dead.

The Razorbacks traveled to Oxford where they played in front of the most fans in Swayze history as they housed over 33,000 fans over three games!

The right field beer shower is still the coolest thing in college baseball.

Arkansas held their own though and ended up taking the series after a wild 18-14 final on Sunday.

They also showed that, despite what you see on Twitter, bunting can still be effective and puts pressure on the defense.

However, homers are cool too.

Oregon continues their hot streak in their second series against in-state rival Oregon State as they complete the sweep over the Beavers.

Again, the dab and bunting, neither are dead.

Cullen Kafka continues his dominant season and you can read here about what caused him to have more confidence and command over his breaking ball. The Ducks staff allowed just six runs over the weekend.

Other news from the weekend, Indiana throws their first no-hitter since 1984 and ended it with a slick double play!

Sterlin Thompson hit this ball very far, but the Gators drop the series against the Vols in Knoxville.

Ok fine, home runs are definitely cooler than bunts.

That’s a wrap for this week’s D1 Rerun. See you guys next week!

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