Video Game Numbers in College Baseball

120 strikeouts in only 60 1/3 innings pitched while allowing just 4 runs and 21 hits!!!

No this is not my created player on MLB the Show, this is the combined stat line for 5 Division 1 College Pitchers.  Landon Sims, Carson Palmquist, Joseph Menefee, McCade Brown, and Tanner Riley have begun the 2021 college baseball season on absolute fire.  

Beginning with Landon Sims, this 6’2” righty on Mississippi State is a force to be reckoned with.  In just 11 ⅔ innings he has already struck out 30 hitters!  Only 5 of the 35 batters he has got out have managed to put the ball in play.

Fastball (red) vs. Slider (green) Overlay

Sims’ fastball average 94.6 MPH while his slider average 85 mph.

Visual using BallR comparing his Fastball (left) and Slider (right)

Next we have Carson Palmquist, who is a 6’4” lefty on the University of Miami.

Only 6 batters of the 40 he has faced have been able to find a way on base, and he has not allowed a run yet this season.

Changeup (blue), Slider (green)

Palmquist’s fastball average 91.2 MPH, changeup averages 79.7 MPH and his slider averages 75.4 MPH.

Visual using BallR of his Fastball

Joseph Menefee is a 6’2” lefty for Texas A&M who has also gotten off to a fantastic start. In just 8 ⅔ innings he has struck out 21 guys! To go with all these strikeouts, he has only allowed 3 hits all year.

Fastball (red), Slider (green)

Menefee’s fastball averages 90.6 MPH, his curveball averages 75 MPH and his slider averages 81.2 MPH.

Fastball (left), Slider (right)

McCade Brown is a 6’6” right-handed pitcher for Indiana University. He has had two amazing starts thus far. One start in particular sticks out where he threw 7 innings of no hit baseball while striking out 16 batters.

Fastball (red), Curveball (green)

Brown’s fastball averages 94 MPH and his curveball averages 81 MPH.

The last pitcher on this list is the 5’11” righty, Tanner Riley. He pitches for Abilene Christian University, and transferred last year from a JUCO (Navarro College). His stats from last year at ACU and this year are very similar, and in a combined 28 ⅓ innings pitched he has 48 strikeouts! Last year he gave up just 3 runs in 13 ⅔ innings, but this year he has even improved that by not yet allowing a run through 14 ⅔ innings.

Fastball (red), Curveball (green)

Riley’s fastball averages 89 MPH and his curveball averages 77.5 MPH.

Fastball( left), Curveball (right)

After a long break from action, these 5 pitchers have come back stronger than ever. Even when it was still uncertain if this season would happen, these pitchers along with countless others continued to work hard to get better one day at a time. As college baseball gets more media attention thanks in large part to Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja), BaseballCloud will continue to do our part to promote this great game and it’s talented players.

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