BCTips: Spray Chart Tooltip

BaseballCloud’s platform is changing the way players and coaches analyze and learn from both practice and game data. BCTips blogs will highlight the functionality of different features of our products and explore the various ways they can be used for player development.

This is an update that has probably been one of the most (if not the most) requested feature for BCTeam. Today, I am excited to announce that we now have tooltips for each batted ball on our spray charts!

As shown above, BCTeam users will be able to hover over each dot on the spray chart to view more information about the selected batted ball. This allows coaches and players to go back and evaluate each batted ball more easily to see exactly which pitcher they were facing and the date of each hit selected.

This will be useful when applying different filters on the player profile; like selecting all batted balls against pitches 90mph or greater, with an exit velocity of 90mph or greater. You will now be able to view which pitch in the strike zone correlates to the batted ball on the spray chart.

This is a small update compared to what is on the way this January, but an important feature nonetheless! Check back for more BCTips as we continue to make updates to all of our products!

P.S. River Town is an absolute ELITE name.

Bonus Updates

You will also notice a slightly different color scheme on some tables and visuals the next time you login to BCTeam. If you don’t see the changes below, go to your web browser preferences and “clear cache and images” to view the latest updates!

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