First Pitch 12.28.20

Welcome to the BaseballCloud Inside Pitch! This newsletter is going to be a way for coaches and players to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the BaseballCloud world with new product updates and releases. This newsletter will also feature some content that has recently been posted on the BCBlog and our Twitter account. 


We are excited to announce our first two guest speakers in our booth! First up will be Matt Hancock, Pitching Coach at Troy University. Matt will be talking about how he utilizes different custom reports from BC to help develop his staff. Next will be Alex Valasek, Director of Pitching Development at Abilene Christian University. Alex is presenting on how he used BCTeam to create scouting reports for the Abilene Christian Fall World Series. This allowed his pitchers to go in and look for certain hitter tendencies to exploit and to attack opposing hitter’s weaknesses.

Be on the lookout for our full schedule to be released on social media which will show when each of our guest speakers will be presenting and when we will be having product demos and Q&A sessions!

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