First Pitch 12.21.20

Welcome to the BaseballCloud Inside Pitch! This newsletter is going to be a way for coaches and players to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the BaseballCloud world with new product updates and releases. This newsletter will also feature some content that has recently been posted on the BCBlog and our Twitter account. 

Latest News

Last week we announced an exciting partnership with Premier Pitching and their Premier Collegiate Development League for the 2021 summer. All players and coaches will have access to their game and training data through our different BaseballCloud products. This includes custom reports throughout the season, a player portal to view leaderboards of the entire league, and access to our 3D visualization tools BallR and PitchR.

We believe the landscape of summer baseball could be changing as leagues start to focus more on the development of players, and we believe P3 is one of the best player development organizations in the country. We look forward to working with the PCDL this summer and to continue to push the game forward!

We look forward to virtually talking with everyone at this year’s ABCA convention coming up next month, and are excited to launch and showcase a couple of our new products that you have seen us tease on social media. We will host live product demos and have Q&A sessions immediately following the demos. Stay tuned as we will be announcing guest speakers that will be joining us in our booth!

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