First Pitch 12.14.20

Welcome to the BaseballCloud Inside Pitch! This newsletter is going to be a way for coaches and players to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the BaseballCloud world with new product updates and releases. This newsletter will also feature some content that has recently been posted on the BCBlog and our Twitter account. 

Latest News

Another intern landed a job in pro ball! This week Wyatt Kleinberg informed us that he had accepted a player development position with the Los Angeles Dodgers beginning in February. It is exciting seeing our interns get rewarded for their hard work and we hope to continue to provide a place for people to get their foot in the door in the baseball industry. Wyatt mainly worked as a content intern and you can read all of his blog posts here. He will continue to write for the BCBlog for the next month before he starts his new position, so be on the lookout for more of his blog posts!

Stay tuned for our 2021 Spring Internship application in the coming weeks. We will be looking to fill the roles of Data Science Analyst, 3D Software Development, Content Creators, and Social Media. Your research will be published as frequently as you desire on our Blog. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be hands-on with our software in an effort to improve our customer experience and enhance your own work.

This past week we had the pleasure of working with Matt Hancock, Troy University Pitching Coach, on some custom reports for his staff. Matt has been at the forefront of analyzing which Vertical Approach Angles (VAA) play best in different parts of the zone, and how to effectively use an individual pitcher’s Fastball based on his typical VAA. We have learned a lot during our meetings with coaches about what they would like to see in different types of custom reports, all of which will be available through AnalyzR. Be on the lookout for other report templates that we will be rolling out soon!

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