Introducing Will Stern, BaseballCloud Analytics Coordinator

Today is a big day for BaseballCloud as we have added a few new people to our staff! The first person we are going to highlight is Will Stern, a recent graduate from Penn State and a student manager with their baseball team.

Will was a last second R&D intern addition this past summer. Like a lot of 2020 college graduates, Will was left with a less than ideal job market to look for employment. We offered him an unpaid internship with no guarantee of compensation or job opportunities at the end of the summer, and he gladly accepted and was excited to work with us and learn more about our company.

From day one, Will was one of the hardest workers out of all the interns, and was seemingly available for every Zoom call that we set up; whether it was demoing college coaches, working on product design for BaseballCloud, or listening in on random seminars we were attending. Will created a piece of this business that we were desperately looking for; and that is offering custom reports for players, teams, agents, and organizations. This took a lot of trial and error and is a continuous process, but with the work that Will put in over the summer we knew we had to retain him as a full-time employee.

This coming year, Will is going to help lead our new in-house analytics department where teams and organizations will be able to access these custom reports. BaseballCloud is set out to be the one-stop-shop for an organization’s data solution needs, but we now realize that every team or organization always wants some form of customization. This analytics team is going to be vital in providing this custom info to coaching staffs and front offices.

Will is now the third BaseballCloud employee to be hired after starting out as an intern, which followed a similar path as Eric Sexton and I. Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door, especially in a niche space like the baseball world. Stay tuned because we have a couple more announcements to make soon. *insert eye emojis*

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