Revolutionizing Player Evaluation

Ever since Major League Baseball was founded over a century ago in 1903, the methods of player evaluation have been constantly evolving. While the techniques and philosophies have been anything but constant, the goal has always been the same: find an objective way to analyze a player’s abilities and how they will project to the tougher competition of the next level. The difficulty with that goal is typical box score statistics are not valuable for comparing versus different competition levels, and thus any sort of analysis of the sport cannot possibly be entirely objective. Until now.

Like anything, baseball has changed radically as modern technology has improved. There are now doppler radar machines in every single Major League park (and many college stadiums) that can capture more than thirty data points on every single pitch. That means thousands of data points per game; over a million for one single MLB team’s season. This information is invaluable in a multitude of ways.

College and professional teams can objectively use this data to evaluate players, as metrics such as the exit velocity of a batted ball or the spin rate of a curveball can be compared not only to a player’s peers, but also to the play at any level of baseball. Players can also benefit from this vast collection of data by using it to understand their own game. Any pitcher or position player who can identify their own strengths and weaknesses is able to work on specific facets of their game and further their abilities more than someone who does not have that wealth of knowledge available to them.

The data and metrics that are becoming increasingly more available at all levels of the game is more than just the next step in the process. It is revolutionizing the way the sport is played and how players are evaluated. It can be the difference maker in a player receiving millions of dollars more on their contract. There is no ignoring the profound impact this new wave of information and technology will have on America’s pastime and as baseball continues to evolve, so must its players and teams.

This is where BaseballCloud comes in. Our innovative software allows players, coaches, and scouts to easily view, track, and compare players’ data. With the ability to integrate raw data from both FlightScope and Trackman machines, the BaseballCloud app automatically generates countless charts and tables to give players access to the exact kind of analysis that MLB front offices use on a daily basis. At the amateur level, there is no substitute to the insight provided by BaseballCloud.

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